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With its plethora of beaches, sunny days and warm weather, Florida is a dreamy destination for many. It is a no-brainer that these aspects attract visitors and new residents, but with the uprise in out-of-staters relocating to Florida in the past decade, it has become apparent that there must be something other than the sunshine that is drawing people to the state. In fact, about 900 people are moving to Florida each day, a number that seems incomprehensible. Given this information, it begs the following question: why is everyone moving to Florida?

No Personal Income Tax

Northerners have found Florida to be a warm escape for decades, but now they are migrating to the state for additional reasons. In states like New York and New Jersey, where the taxes seem too high to comprehend, many locals envy those residing in Florida, who have no personal income tax. As these northern states continue to evolve plans to drive up taxes for higher-earning individuals, these workers turn their eyes toward the Sunshine State in order to escape this heavy tax burden. This has proven to be the main driving force behind the uptick in people moving to Florida. In addition to the elimination of personal income tax, Florida typically has a lower percentage of property taxes when compared to northern states.

Outdoor Activities

Florida has never been one to skim on its outdoor activities. And throughout the pandemic especially, individuals have never been more appreciative of fresh air and open spaces. Pandemic or not, Florida’s outdoor scene will always be appealing, and it is a large part of why individuals are flocking to the state. From beach hopping to snorkeling to fishing, there is no shortage of outdoor activities for those looking to escape their homes and soak in the beneficial sunshine. Along with these water activities, there are plenty of characteristic towns to explore, shop around and dine in.

Sports Culture

In addition to its plethora of beaches and restaurants, Florida is also a sports hub. Between college sports and professional sports, the state has won over many devoted fans, especially when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took home the Super Bowl title in 2021. In fact, Florida has three professional football teams of its own, making the sport’s camaraderie very intense. This sports culture has tempted many families and sports fanatics to move to the area to take part in this exciting scene.