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Jack Elkins

Professional Overview

Second-generation Florida-based luxury real estate agent Jack Elkins is a driven individual who has been responsible for guiding his clients through purchasing upscale oceanfront properties.

About Jack Elkins


When you’re looking for someone to assist you in your luxury real estate sales, you’d be loath to find anyone else other than Jack Elkins. A Manalapan, Florida native, Jack Elkins has first-hand experience when it comes to the ins and outs of the Palm Beach Area real estate, and his extensive experience has led him to help a number of different individuals find their dream forever homes as well as selling Palm Beach houses to the best buyers possible. Jack Elkins learned everything there is to know about real estate from his grandparents and learned over time what it means to run an honest company that’s focused on the clients’ wants and needs. Because of the lessons from his grandparents, Jack Elkins regularly goes above and beyond for the clients that he works with, making him stand out when it comes to the other realtors in the area.

Jack operates in the following areas: Manalapan, Palm Beach, Point Manalapan, Hypoluxo Island, Gulf Stream, Delray Beach and Jupiter. Jack’s in-depth knowledge of the local markets makes him an obvious choice when it comes to hiring a real estate agent. 

Jack Elkins and his team work tirelessly to provide an elevated real estate experience to their clients who travel from near and far to work with them. In fact, one of Jack’s most prized memories from his career was from early 2021, when he represented actor Kevin James in buying a $14 million mansion. Being able to represent such a prominent figure throughout his home buying process was a massive accomplishment for Jack, who has worked diligently to become the number one producer in South Florida. All of Jack’s previous clients can attest to his profound knowledge of the market and how he takes his services a step further in numerous ways. 

Jack is a fierce competitor in his industry for multiple reasons, but one of the top reasons he has risen to such heights is his intentionality. Buying and selling one’s home can be an emotional and confusing process, but Jack Elkins steps in as a valuable resource throughout this process and ensures that his buyers and sellers are receiving the best possible experience. Jack takes going above and beyond to the next level in many ways. Specifically, with his selling clients, he partners with a local marketing agency to ensure that his clients’ homes are represented as superior to their competitors. On the flip side, when buying with Jack, his clients can rest assured that he will work on their schedule and give them the inside scoop on the area. Using his insider knowledge and network, Jack will know as soon as his clients’ dream home hits the market and will later help them adjust to living like the local that they now are.

Whether it is through standard real estate sales, volunteering to assist his clients with their luxury yacht and auto sales, or recommending the best restaurants and activities in the area, Jack Elkins takes his services to the next level and ensures excellence in all that he does. On top of his evident passion for island living, Jack also has developed a strong liking for boating, snorkeling and many more of the perks of living in Florida. Jack wouldn’t trade his home for anywhere else, and he is thankful to share this passion with others by showing the best properties in the area.

Those hoping to work with Jack can contact him through his social media profiles.

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